Intern at Riot Games (2021)

• Created a tool to help manage player moderation for millions of players across Riot’s games
• Added relevant backend endpoints to Java microservices for dynamic data retrieval

Intern at Google (2019 & 2020)

• Served data from the Knowledge Graph to Google Search
• Automated the detection of government webpages by crawling millions of Search results
• Created dashboards to visualize data inconsistencies in the Knowledge Graph

Intern at Social Capital (2020)

• Worked on Hapi, a mental health helpline app
• Built features such as thank-you notes and referrals that helped increase daily signups by over 70% over 4 months

Intern at North (2018)

• Rapidly developed software prototypes for Focals, a pair of smart glasses
• Automated the GitHub pull request flow for over 200 employees

Intern at Christie Digital (2017)

• Developed a visualization dashboard catching a 20% regression in test performance
• Improved OpenCV-based machine vision algorithms, to identify the relative position of projectors/cameras, in Mystique, a product for advanced 3D projection mapping

Intern at Christie Digital (2016)

• Developed GUI for a camera calibration tool in C++, adding graphical feedback to inform user regarding coverage of the calibration
• Created a Python tool to measure colour accuracy of projectors, analyzing gamma correction values and creating a visual representation of expected/actual colours
• Utilized the Agile development process and Subversion (SVN) version control software


Over the years, I have worked on many projects in the fields of computer science, physics, chemistry and biology. I work on these projects at hackathons, for science fairs, for schoolwork and for fun. Shown below are some of my best projects. Several have won awards at hackathons or science fairs.

Pebble Prompter

At WearHacks 2017, my team developed an automated teleprompter for the Pebble smartwatch, winning the first place prize. Pebble Prompter aims to simulate prompters offered to news anchors in major news corporations, e.g. CBC, allowing for variations in the speed of the teleprompter to enable the news anchor or lecturer to speak naturally.

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At Bonfire 2017, we developed a Chrome extension that analyzes Facebook Messenger messages and creates a visual timeline of each user in the group in order to offer the host/planner of the meeting an easy method to visualize the data. We won second place at Bonfire!

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At Hack the North 2018, we modified a drone, allowing it to be controlled via hand gestures! We used the Leap Motion API in order to achieve this, with Bluetooth communication between a laptop and an Arduino placed on the drone. We won the CANSOFCOM (Canadian Military) prize!

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At Hack the North 2017, we developed a lecture summarizer and won the "Best Use of CockroachDB" award. SumNotes allows for users to record lectures and obtained auto-generated summary notes using speech-to-text.

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3DPocket - Computational Prediction of Protein-Ligand Binding Sites

I developed a novel, geometry-based algorithm that allowed for the identification of ligand binding sites within proteins. The algorithm uses the 3D convex hull of a protein and its Connolly surface to identify "pockets". This information can be used in drug design e.g. creating a drug to block RNA from binding to HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. I won a gold medal at the regional fair and also won a silver medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Ottawa, Ontario.

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A New Approach to Motif Discovery

I created a novel algorithm, in Python, that used a comparative approach to identify motifs in DNA sequences up to 10x faster than previous algorithms. I won a gold medal at the regional science fair and also won a silver medal, several scholarships and the Statistics Society of Canada Award at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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At Hack the 6ix, we developed a command-line tool to automatically translate code between different languages intelligently. In roder to do this, we broke apart the code via its abstract syntax tree (AST) and translated desired tokens. We won StdLib's prize for "Best Use of StdLib"!

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At THacks 2, we developed an automated camera perspective switching system. The system used a variety of cues to switch to the appropriate camera such as facial expressions, audio and movements. We won "Best Hardware Hack" at THacks 2!

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Name Description Year
Sean Jackson Scholarship Won Meridian's Sean Jackson Scholarship, which is awarded to one high school graduate who has demonstrated both academic excellence and an outstanding commitment to communities. June 2018
Schulich Leader Scholarship Awarded a $80,000 scholarship at the University of Waterloo out of 1,500+ nominees across Canada (one nominee per high school). May 2018
Silver Medal Won a silver medal and several scholarships at the Canada Wide Science Fair for my project regarding the identification of protein-ligand binding sites. May 2018
Best Use of CockroachDB at Hack the North Won award for the creation of a web application that can automatically summarize lectures. The application will record lectures and then use NLP to summarize them into key points. Sep. 2017
Silver Medal Won a silver medal, several scholarships ($8500) and the Statistics Society of Canada Award at the Canada Wide Science Fair for my project regarding motif discovery (see Projects for more details). Apr. 2017
4th place Won a monetary prize for 4th place at the Sanofi BioGenius Challenge for my project regarding a novel algorithm for motif discovery (see Projects for more details). Apr. 2017
Gold Medal Won a gold medal for the creation of a novel algorithm to identify biological sequence motifs in DNA sequences (see Projects for more details). Apr. 2017
1st place at WearHacks I won the first place prize at WearHacks for my project regarding the creation of an automated teleprompter for the Pebble smartwatch (see Projects for more details). Mar. 2017
2nd place at SpartaHacks I won the second place prize for my project at the SpartaHacks hackathon. I created a program that allowed users to see correlations between the sentimentality values (happy/sad) of a specific twitter user and see if they correlate to temperature values or stock values. Dec. 2016
Gold Honours Award Won a gold plaque for highest overall average in grade 10 (98%). Oct. 2016
Gold Medal Also won the Chem 13 award and SHAD Valley Scholarship ($500). I tested the lactose contents of different types of milk using acetic acid, calcium carbonate and ethanol. Apr. 2016
Silver Medal I was interested to see how much vitamin C is in different types of juices so I performed an experiment that used the process of titration to find these amounts for the science fair. Also won the Chem 13 award. Apr. 2014