Intern at CHRISTIE Digital

I worked on improving the camera calibration tool in the Christie Mystique AutoCal program, which enables the user to automatically calibrate projectors for a variety of surfaces, by adding graphical feedback that lets the user know how well the images captured cover the camera sensor. The tool is used to identify the amount of lens distortion a camera causes thus allowing Mystique AutoCal to compensate for the distortion. I also added this data to an XML file which is to be loaded onto the camera itself for further use. In this project, I worked in C++. I also worked on gathering and analyzing data from a light meter. This data represented colours projected onto a surface in an objective manner (Luminance and x/y values). I communicated to the light meter via a serial port connection and automated the process through a Python script. Next, I analyzed this data to determine the best gamma correction value that fit the data. This allowed me to create a visual representation of how colours would be seen when two projectors are blended together by creating an HTML table that displayed expected colours beside the actual colours.

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Science Club President

I organize and present activities/experiments in the science club at my secondary school. I encourage members to become passionate about STEM through the leadership of fun and engaging activities. Worked as part of the executive team to organize and run the first ever Waterloo Regional Engineering and Science Olympics.

Computer Science Club Leader

I make and present lessons in the field of computer science to members of the computer science club at my secondary school. I teach topics such as recursion, object-oriented programming, encryption and graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Lab Assistant

I work as a lab assistant for the Waterloo Region District School Board at the science department in Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School. I organize chemicals and supplies for experiments, prepare experiments/labs for students and help teachers perform labs.

SHAD Fellow

Participated in the month long SHAD program at Carleton University. Activities included lectures, projects, workshop and team-building games with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics. Speakers included university professors, entrepreneurs and innovators. Created a business plan outlining a potential start-up business to combat the rising issue of food insecurity in Canada. The SHAD Alumni network includes 30 Rhodes Scholars, Top 40 under 40 & Top 20 Under 20 award recipients, and many other accomplished professionals, all sharing the transformational SHAD experience.

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Over the years, I have worked on many projects in the fields of computer science, physics, chemistry and biology. I work on these projects at hackathons, for science fairs, for schoolwork and for fun. Shown below are some of my best projects. Several have won awards at hackathons or science fairs.

Pebble Prompter

At WearHacks 2017, my team developed an automated teleprompter for the Pebble smartwatch, winning the first place prize. Pebble Prompter aims to simulate prompters offered to news anchors in major news corporations e.g. CBC. These prompters are controlled by humans, allowing for variations in the speed of the teleprompter to enable the news anchor or lecturer to speak naturally.

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A New Approach to Motif Discovery

I created a novel algorithm, in Python, that used a comparative approach to identify motifs in DNA sequences up to 10x faster than previous algorithms. I have won a gold medal at the regional science fair. I also won a silver medal, several scholarships and the Statistics Society of Canada Award at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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I developed a game similar to Tetris using the Tkinter graphics library in Python (2016 - Grade 11 summative project).

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Looking @ Lactose

I isolated and measured the amount of lactose content in different types of milk through the use of acetic acid, calcium carbonate and ethanol. I won a gold medal, $500 SHAD scholarship and Chem 13 award (Best Chemistry project) in the Waterloo-Wellington Science and Engineering Fair (2016).

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At the Tech Retreat hackathon in the University of Waterloo, my team made an Android application that allows user to host and find events geographically (2015).

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I made a game similar to PAC-MAN, in which the player tries to reach a treasure chest while avoiding enemies, collaborating with the computer science club members at my school. I mainly worked on the enemies' artificial intelligence (strategies for attacking the player) in which I implemented the A* algorithm for pathfinding (2015).

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Name Description Year
Silver Medal Won a silver medal, several scholarships ($8500) and the Statistics Society of Canada Award at the Canada Wide Science Fair for my project regarding motif discovery (see Projects for more details). Apr. 2017
4th place Won a monetary prize for 4th place at the Sanofi BioGenius Challenge for my project regarding a novel algorithm for motif discovery (see Projects for more details). Apr. 2017
Gold Medal Won a gold medal for the creation of a novel algorithm to identify biological sequence motifs in DNA sequences (see Projects for more details). Apr. 2017
1st place at WearHacks I won the first place prize at WearHacks for my project regarding the creation of an automated teleprompter for the Pebble smartwatch (see Projects for more details). Mar. 2017
2nd place at SpartaHacks I won the second place prize for my project at the SpartaHacks hackathon. I created a program that allowed users to see correlations between the sentimentality values (happy/sad) of a specific twitter user and see if they correlate to temperature values or stock values. Dec. 2016
2nd place at DECA regionals I won a medal for placing second in the personal financial literacy (PFL) category at the DECA regionals hosted at Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School. I also got top 10 in my category's multiple choice and oral mock case award groups. DECA is an international business competition that involves students doing mock cases of real life business situations in order to gain better business knowledge and communication skills. Nov. 2016
Gold Honours Award Won a gold plaque for highest overall average in grade 10 (98%). Oct. 2016
ECOO Provincials Passed the boardwide and regional levels of the team programming competition. Competed in the finals at York University in Toronto, Ontario. Oct. 2016
School Champion for Galois Highest scoring student in Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School for the Galois mathematics contest. Apr. 2016
Gold Medal Also won the Chem 13 award and SHAD Valley Scholarship ($500). I tested the lactose contents of different types of milk using acetic acid, calcium carbonate and ethanol. Apr. 2016
School Champion for Cayley Highest scoring student in Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School for the Cayley mathematics contest. Feb. 2016
Perfect Score Perfect score of 75/75 in the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC). Feb. 2016
School Champion for Pascal Highest scoring student in Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School for the Pascal mathematics contest. Apr. 2015
Silver Medal I was interested to see how much vitamin C is in different types of juices so I performed an experiment that used the process of titration to find these amounts for the science fair. Also won the Chem 13 award. Apr. 2014
Perfect Score Earned a perfect score in the Gauss mathematics contest (150/150). May 2013